LAND & CULTURE CONSULTING was founded in 2000 by cultural anthropologist, conservationist, and writer Ernie Atencio. Inspired by the commonsense idea that healthy lands and healthy communities are dual priorities—one is not more important than the other—he has spent his career exploring and promoting these essential linkages between land, culture, and conservation. Ernie brings over nine years’ experience as executive director of the Taos Land Trust, two years as executive director of a national association of cabin owners, work in public lands advocacy and forest restoration, community development, and coordinating diverse coalitions. He has researched and published extensively on a variety of topics and spent many years in the field as a national park ranger, environmental educator, and outdoor instructor.

Land & Culture Consulting services include a variety of environmental and social research, organizational development and communications, and land conservation and education:

Environmental and sociocultural issues are often deeply intertwined, especially in rural communities, and our multidisciplinary research can highlight and utilize those critical connections. Through ethnographic methods and social and economic studies, along with environmental history and technical research, we can give voice to important land-based allies and local values and can develop an inclusive approach to addressing environmental and community issues.

Organizational development and communications services include strategic planning, board development, messaging and branding, outreach, grant writing, and qualitative assessments to get a sense of the community impact and public perception of your work. Having led Taos Land Trust to become the first accredited land trust in New Mexico, Ernie can assist with organizational assessments and other land trust accreditation tasks.

Land conservation services include conservation easement planning, baseline documentation, tax credit applications, and land stewardship for private landowners, as well as land trusts. We can also plan and implement public outreach programs for conservation issues and environmental education activities.

Ernie is available to guide and outfit interpretive trips to Chaco Canyon, Bears Ears, remote corners of the Grand Canyon, and other southwestern destinations.

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