LAND & CULTURE CONSULTING is no longer in business but I keep this website active to store some of my work and publications. My name is Ernie Atencio and I originally founded Land & Culture Consulting in 2000, operating it on and off until 2018. As a cultural anthropologist, conservationist, and writer, my work has long been inspired by the commonsense idea that healthy lands and healthy communities are dual priorities—one is not more important than the other. I have spent my career exploring and promoting these essential linkages between land, culture, and conservation, including over nine years as executive director of the Taos Land Trust, two years as executive director of a national association of cabin owners, extensive work in public lands advocacy and forest restoration, community development, and coordinating diverse coalitions. I have researched and published on a variety of topics and spent many years in the field as a national park ranger, environmental educator, and outdoor instructor. I am currently the Southwest Regional Director for National Parks Conservation Association.

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